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The foolhardy Simon Marnie, host of ABC Weekends, asked me in to go on a sonic journey through the first decade or so of Scott Walker’s career. It seemed churlish to say no.

In this hour we talked boy pop stars, fake IDs, escaping to England and how a Belgian star of French song became a lodestar for the American born Noel Scott Engel.

You can hear it for a week only here starting at one hour into the broadcast. After this week the show will disappear into the ether, though Simon and I will retain our corporeal forms.

If you want to explore more I made a playlist covering Scott Walker’s career HERE right up to the present, including what you might generously call the “difficult” albums of the past couple of decades. That playlist will not expire.

And to complete the set, here’s an interview I did with Mr Walker in 2006, featured on Wind Back Wednesday recently HERE.

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