January 30, 2017

Celebrating David Bowie

Opera House, January 29

This was not, absolutely not, don’t even think of using the term, a “tribute” – ooh, spit it out right now – show. That’s what we were told in the pre-...

January 25, 2017


No Plan EP (Sony)

While essentially an addendum to Black Star, the final statement/album from David Bowie released just over a year ago, this four-track, post-death release fleshes out no...

December 26, 2016

The best songs of the year were all over the shop as numbers 11-20 showed, and numbers 1 to 10 are no different.

Brandy Clark tops the list with something sharp and punchy (and closes the list with...

December 18, 2016

First, but not last, end of year thing from this pen/keyboard.

A summation of a year dominated by people who won't be making music again but not ruled by it because it was also a year driven by peo...

February 20, 2015

As I said in an earlier post, I had to pick 50 songs from 50 years to mark a landmark that we don’t need to go over again here thank you very much (cos I still feel like the 13-year-old and I sure...

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