November 18, 2019


Wildcard (Sony)

Finding another stash of quality mainstream country songs from – hold your britches country radio, they do exist – a woman! might have you posit this as another ripost...

November 16, 2019

A trip through the wire, curses raining down on you, to reach the promised land of damn fine songs. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

November 14, 2019


Kiwanuka (Universal)

On his first two albums, Michael Kiwanuka reached into the inquisitive and easy-riding soulful side of the 1970s, and then the rightfully and righteously angry f...

November 13, 2019

For reasons which will become obvious eventually, though not necessarily making complete sense, this conversation with Lloyd Cole begins and ends with clothes. And chest hair.

Neither of these are s...

November 12, 2019

Released 50 years ago, to underwhelming sales and attention, Dusty Springfield’s Dusty In Memphis has come to represent one of the great highs of soul and pop by one of the finest, if tortured, sin...

November 11, 2019


Magdalene (Young Turks/Remote Control)

I am a sucker for someone who says “screw your courage to the sticking post and we will not fail”. Because the truth is - I reckon anyway - while you...

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